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EHA (ethernet hardware encapsulator) - LEGACY PROJECT
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“EHA – Ethernet Hardware Encapsulator”:

You might also be interested to see the predecessor of “ Ver1” – a project named “EHA – Ethernet Hardware Encapsulator”.

This is a simple encapsulator device which receives frames on L2 ethernet interface, performs wire-speed encapsulation with predefined static header stored in the memory prior sending frames out via L3 interface. Because it is a basic device without any sophisticated features like VLAN and fragmentation support, the “Ethernet Hardware Encapsulator” may become a good academical project covering full hardware design cycle of a communication system and developing an embedded software for it. It demonstrates how to implement both “control” and “data” planes that communicate with each other within a single SoC (system-on-chip) system.

“EHA – Ethernet Hardware Encapsulator” provides a base for further project development – the fully functional verified “store-and-forward” buffer as well as SoC environment that is used as a testbed for “”.

Please watch this video demonstrating working hardware developed during the course of the project:

Ethernet hardware encapsulator (xilinx 7 series fpga project) v2

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