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Ethercis Logon Service and Security Manager Service

This module implements two services described below.

Logon Service

This service manages the session activities for a user: connection/disconnection to the platform.

The service is a facade of the session manager. It allows a number of session parameters to be passed to the service from the HTTP header:

  • SECRET_SESSION_ID: Ehr-Session (optional) force a secret session id for this session, or try to reconnect to an existing ssid
  • SESSION_NAME: x-session-name(optional) force a public session name. If it use for reconnect, check if the reconnect is legitimate (same user and check the credentials)
  • CLUSTER_NODE: x-cluster_node (optional) boolean, indicate this is a connection from a cluster node
  • REFRESH_SESSION: x-refresh-session (optional) boolean, indicate that this session is to be refreshed (push timeout back)
  • RECONNECT: x-reconnect (optional) boolean, true if this is a reconnect
  • SESSION_TIMEOUT: x-session-timeout (optional) long, sets a timeout for session (default is no timeout)
  • MAX_SESSION: x-max-session (optional) sets the max number of allowed session for user (1 by default)
  • CLEAR_SESSION: x-clear-session (optional) clear all sessions for this users if true
  • BYPASS_CREDENTIAL: x-bypass-credential (optional) no credential check for this user (security hazard here!!!)
  • CLIENT_IP: x-client-ip (optional) address of this user

Upon successful connection, the service returns in the HTTP header:

  • SECRET_SESSION_ID: Ehr-Session secret session id for this session (use this for further transactions)
  • SESSION_NAME: x-session-name public session name.
  • RECONNECT: x-reconnect boolean, true if this is a reconnect
  • SESSIONS_IN_USE: x-sessions-in-use number of sessions used by user
  • CLIENTPROPERTY_RCVTIMESTAMPSTR: __rcvTimestampStr timestamp of session creation

Runtime Parameters

Some tweaking of session parameter defaults is possible:

  • session.timeout specifies the default timeout in ms (ex: 1800000 for 30'), default is one day
  • session.maxSessions max number of concurrent sessions (default is 10)
  • session.clearSessions clear all current sessions for a user when connecting (default is false)
  • session.reconnectSameClientOnly true if only the same client with session id can reconnect to a current session
  • session.secretSessionId force a session id (for TEST purpose only)


The service load and initialize the underlying security policy provider (here SHIRO).

Runtime Parameter

  • server.security.policy.type policy provider, default is SHIRO
  • server.security.shiro.inipath SHIRO simple authentication profiles (INI format)

How To Compile The Module


  • Java 1.8 or higher
  • Maven 3.3 or higher


The compilation and artifact generation is performed by mvn clean install.


See pom.xml, this module does not rely on 'exotic' dependencies.


Tests are disabled in POM.XML.

Known issues


  • Currently, the authentication policy is basic. It should be extended to production scenario (linked to an LDAP directory in particular) �