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Smart static caching with Nginx
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Nginx Cache

Nginx Cache

Harness the power of Nginx to statically cache your Craft site.

TTFB below 5ms!


Site Config

Update your sites Nginx conf file to include the three includes below (they are located in your sites storage directory):

include /path/to/site/storage/nginx/cache.conf;

server {
    # ...
    include /path/to/site/storage/nginx/cache-server.conf;
    # ...
    location ~ \.php$ {
        # ...
        include /path/to/site/storage/nginx/cache-location.conf;
        # ...

Reload Command

The reload command will be executed using exec after the config is saved. If you find that the command ins't working (nginx isn't reloading after save) it is likely due to PHP not having permission to run the command. You can give PHP permission by adding the command to your servers sudoers file. To edit your sudoers file run $ sudo visudo on your server, then add the following:

www-data ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:nginx -s reload

Substitute nginx -s reload with what ever your command is.

If you don't have a sudoers file you will need to manually reload Nginx after each save of the plugin config.


If you are using docker ensure that your chosen cache directory and Craft's storage directory (or at lease the nginx directory in storage) are available to both your PHP and Nginx containers.

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