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Monday the 1st (Coverage: 4.23.2017-5.01.2017)

AKASHA – Social Media NetworkJoin the chat at
  • Do not send any ETH to your AKASHA AETH address.
  • mihai: "AKASHA is currently undergoing a code refactoring and a great UI/UX redesign. I think we'll have a big update ready by this summer."

Augur – Prediction MarketJoin the chat at
  • *As per usual most of the good stuff in terms of news is coverd in the blog.
  • micah: "I actually believe fees are going to go to zero for major markets... There is more money to be made in market making than there is in fees, and 0% fees will attract the most volume (which is critical for market making).

  • Summary of the Keythereum audit.

BasicAttentionToken - Blockchain Based Digital Advertising

Join the chat at

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

Join the chat at

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable CoinsJoin the chat at

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration NetworkJoin the chat at
  • First full week of beta testing going well with lots of great feedback. A quick Status Update

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed TokensJoin the chat at

Ethereum Name Service - Decentralized Name Service

Etherplay – The Transparent Skill Game PlatformJoin the chat at
  • prototyping new game ideas

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% feeJoin the chat at
  • Doing an interview with Cryptoverse
  • Brewing some major announcements

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards PlatformJoin the chat at
  • From this thread it appears as though a % of every witness node reward goes to the team.
  • Slow week, no updates.

Giveth - Crowd Funded Donation DappJoin the chat at|Check out the github at
  • We are still reworking our Vault Controller and will be testing it for the next month. This week we are also collaborating with to help them set up a Giveth Campaign.
  • We have a new donation address 0xB94c53B0E67FABac3d97173482663Ef597D4174a

Gnosis - Prediction MarketJoin the chat at

Golem – Distributed Computing PowerJoin the chat at

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management PlatformJoin the chat at
  • Blog: ICONOMI financial report?—?Q1 2017*.
  • *Important to keep in mind this is for Q1 (ending in March). The most recent ICOs and the burn fall into Q2 -- hence will be in the next report.

MakerDAO - Stable Token and Decentralized Marketplace

Join the chat at

MelonPort – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”Join the chat at
  • Simon Schmid is joining Melonport as Lead Senior Developer. See Image
  • Mona El Isa: "Dapps may struggle to diversify after their crowdsales - especially if you raise money in one currency ether Re investing those funds in a basket of melon funds may one day provide a way to diversify quickly and easily"

  • MelonPort has been doing allot of presentations latley including "The Future of Digital Asset Management" at Rice University.

Status – Mobile Ethereum OSJoin the chat at

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

Join the chat at

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand PortalJoin the chat at

UjoMusic - Decentralized Music Platform

Follow UjoMusic's blog at

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

Join the chat at

WeTrust – Trusted Lending CirclesJoin the chat at

Matchpool – Decentralized MatchmakingJoin the chat at
  • Hired a community manager
  • Guppies unlock on 1st of May 1pm GMT


  • Big thanks to Evan Van Ness for featuring us in his weekly post, please give him a subscription to his weekly email newsletter. His weekly post is the most in-depth and informative look into the ethereum ecosystem you’re going to get. Here’s a link to his site:
  • A nod of appreciation to @3esmit for putting so much work into our internal Etherian participation token.
  • Big thanks to Joe Urgo for featuring us in his daily post, The Dapp Daily. He just posted this excellent Ethereum Reading List For Prospective Dapp Developers
  • Check out State of dApps for a curated list of all dApps


  • ChaceHunter: Swarm, Status, Colony, WeTrust, ChronoBank, UjoMusic, Gnosis, MakerDAO
  • truewavebreak: ICONOMI, Golem, Augur, AKASHA, MelonPort
  • MrNebbiolo: uPort, Casper, FirstBlood, Digix
  • PΞther: Ethlance, SingularDTV, ChronoBank, Gnosis, WeTrust, Matchpool
  • pablanopete: Brave (BasicAttentionToken), Giveth, ENS
  • wighawag: Etherplay

Disclaimer: All information is taken from our volunteers at face value, if you have a complaint about one of our volunteers or one of our posts please contact and we will investigate the matter.

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