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The Operating System of Ethereum


  1. Organizations-Core Organizations-Core Public

    👻 On-Chain Organizations (DFO) are an R&D infrastructure to build flexible and fully upgradable protocols by voting

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  2. Covenants-Core Covenants-Core Public

    🧙‍♂️✨ Covenants protocol helps Contracts, Organizations (DFOs, DAOs), or regular people to build and manage cross AMMs financial applications

    JavaScript 8 8

  3. Interfaces-Framework Interfaces-Framework Public

    🕹 A magic Framework to build interoperable Interfaces for web3 Applications

    JavaScript 2 2

  4. WIMD-Core WIMD-Core Public

    🐉 The first card game based on ITEMS Standard. Where Is My Dragon is a card-crafting game. Your objective is to acquire one of the 8 Unicorn Dragon cards. These entitle you to a portion of the trea…

    Solidity 2

  5. ITEMS-Core ITEMS-Core Public

    🔷 ITEMS is a protocol for building Items, a new class of objects on top of Ethereum. Fusing ERC20s, ERC721s and ERC1155s into a single super-standard

    JavaScript 19 6

  6. Multiverse-Interface Multiverse-Interface Public

    🌀🌐 A Testing Framework for Dapps by Entering into the Multiverse! You can use a series of browser-based ETH Mainnet Forks to test a dapp using the whole existing Ethereum Ecosystem

    JavaScript 3 2


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