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Hard Fork Planning and Coordination

This document is a work in progress and will be updated as we go.


In Ethereum All Core Dev meeting #56, it was discussed that Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) should be assigned the task of future HardFork coordination. Ethereum Network Upgrade Process was proposed by Afri S. as EEP-5 in Dec 2018.

The goal is to define a standard process for Istanbul and future upgrades which all client developer teams may follow.

Istanbul Hard Fork

How to propose EIP for Istanbul?

Create a new issue at ECH repository referring "EIP# to be considered for next upgrade (Meta EIP#)", before the deadline May 17, 2019 for acceptance of proposals. Refer EIP 1929 for process flow.


For Istanbul Planned Ethereum Network Upgrade



  • Contacting major stakeholders
  • EIP monitoring / EIP flow
  • Communication around process & timelines keeping things transparent
  • Coordinating & updating client implementors


  • testing – ethereum/testing
  • testnet


Sl. No. Name Gitter Id
1 Borris Mann @bmann
2 Tim Beiko @timbeiko
3 Joseph Delong @dangerousfood
4 Pooja Ranjan @poojaranjan


  • EIP proposer
  • EIP reviewer
  • Testing team
  • Testnets
  • Major Clients

Assumptions and Constraints

  • EIP is proposed within the timeline for acceptance of EIPs.
  • EIP has followed all the stages mentioned in EIP 1


Previous Meetings

Meeting # Date Notes Recording
1 March 13, 2019


All communication in regards to HF planning and communication can be found at Gitter and ECH Medium.

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