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Purpose of this wiki

This wiki should be the archive of the ethereum magicans. So Magi interested in certain topics can get information without having to process tons of chat and forum text.

The issues are also used mainly for infrastructure items and other actionable tasks.

The projects can be used for high level planning of events.

About Us

We are a community-wide effort. All are welcome to participate!

Fellowship Vision

  • Goal: To keep Ethereum The Best It Can Technically Be.
  • Mission: To Nurture Community Consensus on the technical direction and specification of Ethereum.
  • Work: To produce high-quality Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), accepted by a consensus of the Community.

Fellowship Principles

  • Open Process
  • Individual Participation
  • Technical Responsibility
  • Technical Competence
  • "Rough Consensus and Running Code"

Learn more in the Fellowship Principles & Practices

Are you new to this community?

Check out our New Member Guide!

Communication channels


Rings are what we call Working Groups in our community. Read How to Form a Ring but the short version is, create a new page modeled after the Ring Charter Template.

  • Wallet Ring – Make wallets more useful, interoperable, user friendly, private, decentralized, safe and accessible.
  • Provider Ring - coordinate Ethereum providers for a working web3
  • Token ring - coordinate token standards
  • Security Ring – improve smart contract and dapp security
  • EthSignals Ring – research and identify relevant signals, develop resources to consolidate signals and news in a trusted community forum, develop EIP(s) to integrate signalling with the technical governance process + Core Devs decision making.
  • Operations Ring - manage resources associated with the Magicians
  • Ring of Ethereum Architects - enable software architects to focus on interoperability and integrations into other projects
  • Dev Tools Ring – For coordination between teams building developer tools.
  • Fund Recovery Ring – research and develop technical frameworks for the recovery of stuck funds
  • Funders Ring - building methods to most effectively provide resources to the ecosystem
  • Education Ring - knowledge management and educational initiatives to support the ecosystem
  • Decentralization Ring - an initiative to collect fellow researchers, hobbyists, advocates, and writers interested in the field of decentralized systems to collaborate on common goals.
  • Constrained Resource Client Ring - coordinate initiatives allowing client nodes to run in constrained resource environments (like mobile/browsers)
  • Product management ring
  • Mobile Ring
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