Council of Prague Agenda

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Held ahead of DevCon4 which takes place Oct 30 - Nov 2nd, in Prague, Czech Republic. We are planning for space for 150 people, meeting Oct 29th, pre-day Oct. 28th and EIPs & Interopability track with Status Hackathon.

Please see the following links


Sunday 28 October

Monday 29 October

We are at capacity! You must complete early check in on Sunday or check in by 10:30am on Monday.

Live Agenda & Session Tracks are in the Google Sheet

Start End Length Session Lead Comments
0900 0930 30min BREAKFAST - Arrive by 9 for registration, fill in name tags
0930 1015 45min Introduction, FEM Mission & Values Jamie, Greg -
1015 1100 45min Ring Example - Security Bryant Learn about how a ring tackles discussions
1100 1230 90min Session 1 Ring Makers See Session Grid for Topics & Rooms
1230 1330 60min LUNCH - Lounge
1330 1500 90min Session 2 Ring Makers See Session Grid for Topics & Rooms
1500 1530 30min BREAK - -
1530 1700 90min Session 3 Ring Makers See Session Grid for Topics & Rooms
1700 1900 120min Ring Reporting, Closing Session All Convene to share session outcomes, next steps, & council closing

Donations & Sponsorship

Donations are always welcome via the donations page. We recommend the equivalent of $25USD per participant per day to help cover food costs, but any amount is welcome.

We currently have the various costs and sponsorship opportunities listed below. If you are interested in sponsoring, please message the Operations Ring.

Host Organization

Our Host Organization is JosefJ and his company Polynom. Thank you for being our representative on the ground in Prague, helping to organize venue and food, and accepting fiat on our behalf.

Sustaining Sponsors

The Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) has stepped up to support the next three Magicians' events, starting with Prague. Read the full announcement


Status is our Venue Sponsor, extending their rental of the National House Smichov to support the full day Council on October 29th, and welcoming participants throughout their hackathon in the EIPs & Interoperability track. Announcement

Video Crew

ChronoLogic is providing an in-kind sponsorship by through video coverage and editing services. Announcement




Available x2!

Community Sponsors

We actively recognize Community Sponsors that contribute a minimum of 1 ETH.

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