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Ethereum OASIS Open Project

The Ethereum OASIS Open Project exists to provide a neutral forum for diverse stakeholders to create high-quality specifications that facilitate Ethereum’s longevity, interoperability, and ease of integration. The Ethereum OASIS Open Project intend to develop clear, open standards, high-quality documentation, and shared test suites that facilitate new features and enhancements to the Ethereum protocol.

For more information on the goals of this effort, see the project charter.

You can also sign up for the Ethereum OASIS Open Project email group to receive occasional official notifications and discussions.


The Ethereum OASIS Open Project operate under the terms of the OASIS Open Project Rules, its Project Governance Document and the applicable license(s) specified in

It is overseen by the Ethereum OASIS Open Project Governing Board.

List of projects & TSCs

There are several Technical Steering Committees under the umbrella of the Open Project. Each TSC is overseen by the Project Governing Board.


Everyone is welcome to contribute to Ethereum OASIS Open Project - you do not need to be a "member" of anything to submit a technical contribution or get involved with any of the above project communities. Details on how to contribute to Ethereum OASIS Open Project can be found on the respective repositories listed above.

CLA & Non-assert signatures required

All technical contributions must be accompanied by a Contributor's License Agreement. This requirement allows our work to advance through de jure standards development stages in forums such as EC or ISO. You will get a prompt to sign this document when you submit a pull request to a project repository, or you can sign here. If you are contributing on behalf of your employer, you must also sign the ECLA here.


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