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1.7.0 - Unreleased

  • Added: #5537 Creating Ethereum Node Record (ENR) at program start.
  • Added: #5571 Support Discovery v4 ENR Extension messages.
  • Added: #5557 Improved debug logging of full sync.
  • Added: #5564 Improved help output of Aleth by adding list of channels.
  • Added: #5575 Log active peer count and peer list every 30 seconds.
  • Added: #5580 Enable syncing from ETC nodes for blocks < dao hard fork block.
  • Added: #5591 Network logging bugfixes and improvements and add p2pcap log channel.
  • Added: #5588 Testeth prints similar test suite name suggestions, when the name passed in -t argument is not found.
  • Added: #5593 Dynamically updating host ENR.
  • Added: #5624 Remove useless peers from peer list.
  • Added: #5634 Bootnodes for Rinkeby and Goerli.
  • Added: #5640 Istanbul support: EIP-1702 Generalized Account Versioning Scheme.
  • Changed: #5532 The leveldb is upgraded to 1.22. This is breaking change on Windows and the old databases are not compatible.
  • Changed: #5559 Update peer validation error messages.
  • Changed: #5568 Improve rlpx handshake log messages and create new rlpx log channel.
  • Changed: #5570 Now it's not necessary to recompile with VMTRACE flag to get VM trace log. Just use testeth -- --vmtrace or aleth -v 4 --log-vmtrace.
  • Changed: #5576 Moved sstore_combinations and static_Call50000_sha256 tests to stTimeConsuming test suite. (testeth runs them only with --all flag)
  • Changed: #5589 Make aleth output always line-buffered even when redirected to file or pipe.
  • Changed: #5602 Better predicting external IP address and UDP port.
  • Changed: #5605 Network logging bugfixes and improvements and add warpcap log channel.
  • Changed: #5628 Don't try to endlessly reconnect to official Ethereum bootnodes.
  • Changed: #5632 RocksDB support is disabled by default. Enable with -DROCKSB=ON CMake option.
  • Changed: #5648 BlockChainTests suite is split into BlockChainTests/ValidBlocks and BlockChainTests/InvalidBlocks.
  • Changed: #5678 Enable optimizer in aleth-interpreter by default.
  • Changed: #5675 Disconnect from peer when syncing is disabled for peer.
  • Changed: #5676 When receiving large batches of new block hashes, process up to 1024 hashes instead of disabling the peer.
  • Removed: #5631 Removed PARANOID build option.
  • Fixed: #5562 Don't send header request messages to peers that haven't sent us Status yet.
  • Fixed: #5581 Fixed finding neighbour nodes in Discovery.
  • Fixed: #5599 Prevent aleth from attempting concurrent connection to node which results in disconnect of original connection.
  • Fixed: #5609 Log valid local enode-address when external IP is not known.
  • Fixed: #5627 Correct testeth --help log output indentation.
  • Fixed: #5644 Avoid attempting to sync with disconnected peers.
  • Fixed: #5647 test_importRawBlock RPC method correctly fails in case of import failure.
  • Fixed: #5664 Behavior in corner case tests about touching empty Precompiles now agrees with geth's results.
  • Fixed: #5662 Correct depth value when aleth-interpreter invokes evmc_host_interface::call callback.
  • Fixed: #5666 aleth-interpreter returns EVMC_INVALID_INSTRUCTION when INVALID opcode is encountered and EVMC_UNKNOWN_INSTRUCTION for undefined opcodes.

1.6.0 - 2019-04-16

  • Added: #5485 aleth-bootnode now by default connects to official Ethereum bootnodes. This can be disabled with --no-bootstrap flag.
  • Added: #5505 Allow building with libc++ on Linux.
  • Added: #5514 Improved logging in case of RPC method failures.
  • Added: #5526 Improved logging when loading chain config json containing syntax error.
  • Changed: #5464 Upgrade OS and compilers in the docker image for tests.
  • Changed: #5560 Upgrade ethash library to version 0.4.4.
  • Removed: #5538 Removed --private flag from aleth command-line arguments.
  • Fixed: #5483 Don't ping the same node more than once in a row; also fixes the assertion failure.
  • Fixed: #5512 Calling eth_call without from argument.
  • Fixed: #5502 Fix Discovery terminating prematurely because of race condition.
  • Fixed: #5452 Correctly handle Discovery messages when the peer changes public key.
  • Fixed: #5519 Correctly handle Discovery messages with known public key but unknown endpoint.
  • Fixed: #5523 #5533 Fix syncing terminating prematurely because of race condition.
  • Fixed: #5539 Fix logic for determining if dao hard fork block header should be requested.
  • Fixed: #5547 Fix unnecessary slow-down of eth_flush RPC method.
  • Fixed: #5548 Fix rlp tool for long hexadecimal string inputs.
  • Fixed: #5181 Fix building on PowerPC architecture where -mtune=generic is not available.
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