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@chfast chfast released this Dec 16, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

  • Added: #5699 EIP 2046: Reduced gas cost for static calls made to precompiles.
  • Added: #5741 Support for individual EIP activation to facilitate EIP-centric network upgrade process.
  • Added: #5752 #5753 #5809 Implement EIP1380 (reduced gas costs for call-to-self).
  • Added: #5859 EIP-2384 Istanbul/Berlin Difficulty Bomb Delay and Muir Glacier fork support.
  • Changed: #5750 Use testeth -t <SUITE_NAME> -- --testfile <PATH> to run the tests from file at any path. Use testeth -t <SUITE_NAME> -- --testfile <PATH> --singletest <TEST_NAME> to run only single test from any file.
  • Changed: #5801 testeth -t BlockchainTests command now doesn't run the tests for the forks before Istanbul. To run those tests use a separate LegacyTests suite with command testeth -t LegacyTests/Constantinople/BlockchainTests.
  • Changed: #5807 Optimize selfdestruct opcode in LegacyVM by reducing state accesses in certain out-of-gas scenarios.
  • Changed: #5806 Optimize selfdestruct opcode in aleth-interpreter by reducing state accesses in certain out-of-gas scenarios.
  • Changed: #5837 #5839 #5845 #5846 Output format of testeth --jsontrace command changed to better match output of geth's evm tool and to integrate with evmlab project.
  • Changed: #5848 aleth-vm --codefile <PATH> now reads bytecode file from path and aleth-vm --codefile - <bytecode> now reads bytecode from standard input.
  • Changed: #5864 Allow a user to send multiple transactions before a new block is mined.
  • Removed: #5760 Official support for Visual Studio 2015 has been dropped. Compilation with this compiler is expected to stop working after migration to C++14.
  • Removed: #5840 The list of precompiled contracts is not required in config files anymore.
  • Removed: #5850 accounts section is now optional in config files.
  • Fixed: #5792 Faster and cheaper execution of RPC functions which query blockchain state (e.g. getBalance).
  • Fixed: #5811 RPC methods querying transactions (eth_getTransactionByHash, eth_getBlockByNumber) return correct v value.
  • Fixed: #5821 test_setChainParams correctly initializes custom configuration of precompiled contracts.
  • Fixed: #5826 Fix blocking bug in database rebuild functionality - users can now rebuild their databases via Aleth's '-R' switch.
  • Fixed: #5827 Detect database upgrades and automatically rebuild the database when they occur.
  • Fixed: #5852 Output correct original opcodes instead of synthetic PUSHC/JUMPC/JUMPCI in VM trace.
  • Fixed: #5829 web3.eth.getBlock now returns block size in bytes. This requires a (automatic) database rebuild which can take a while depending on how many blocks are in the local chain.
  • Fixed: #5866 Update output of debug_accountRangeAt and eth_getTransactionCount RPC functions to conform to Geth's output.
  • Fixed: #5865 Fix bug which causes syncing to become permanently stuck.
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