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v0.12 testnet any time now

@djrtwo djrtwo released this
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Quick bump to v0.12 before any testnets are released containing a few clarifying comments (#1859, #1864, #1867) and a breaking change to the way genesis time is calculated (#1866). Also fixes a couple of invalid, unbound SSZ lists in the p2p spec (#1837).

Warning: This is ever so slightly breaking wrt v0.12.0 but we kept the same semi-major version because no public nets are yet released. v0.12.1 is mandatory for v0.12 conformance.

PR showing full diff can be found here: #1868

Phase 0

Beacon chain

  • Modify genesis time to be more tunable (#1866)

Fork choice

  • [non-substantive] Update fork choice comments for clarity (#1859, #1864)




  • Fix invalid unbound SSZ list types (#1837)
  • [non-substantive] Clarify genesis finalized checkpoint root (#1867)

Deposit contract


Simple Serialize




Phase 1 spec (warning: not stable)

Continued work on refining Phase 1 specs

Warning The Custody Game challenge-response is currently missing, but will be reintroduced soon when the core Phase 1 shard chain design stabilizes. Client teams looking to prototype Phase 1 should first focus on shard data mechanics, while stubbing out custody game logic.

Light client spec (warning: not stable)

Light client sync spec is under redesign in the context of the phase 1 redesign. The current light client spec can be used for general educational purposes to understand the approach we are considering, but will see heavy redesign after phase 1 stabilizes.

Testing, Repo, etc