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The Great Machine

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@djrtwo djrtwo released this 27 Sep 22:14
· 1951 commits to master since this release


v1.1.0 -- The Great Machine -- is the mainnet release of Altair specs, including the epoch chosen for the planned mainnet upgrade on Oct 27, 2021 (#2625). This marks the first major upgrade to the Great Machine since genesis in late 2020.

Merge interop specs remain stable from v1.1.0-beta.5 other than the addition of the terminal blockhash override (#2617) [not required for initial interop] and some new consensus tests (#2630). Due to the inclusion of additional consensus test vectors, we recommend targeting v1.1.0 tests prior to initial interop.

PR showing full diff can be found here: #2631


  • Add ALTAIR_FORK_EPOCH for mainnet configuration (#2625)


  • Add terminal block hash override (#2617)

Testing, repo, etc

  • Add a number of Merge tests (#2630)
  • Add merkle proof test generator (#2629)
  • Remove deprecated pip.main() call in (#2623)