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Beacon chain metrics


This specification encodes the behavior of sampling and collection of metrics by beacon chain clients. This specification is informative, and implementations are not required to implement all recommendations.

Metrics collection

Beacon chain clients should use Prometheus for metrics collection.

Beacon chain clients should configure Prometheus so that it exposes metrics collection over a HTTP port. Beacon chain clients may elect to secure the HTTP endpoint by restricting network access and applying Prometheus security settings, according to Prometheus best practices. Beacon chain clients should allow configuration flags to set the network interface and the port the Prometheus collection endpoint will be served from. By default, the Prometheus collection endpoint should be served from


This section defines a set of metrics to be sampled by beacon chain clients.


The metrics should behave under the guidelines set by the Prometheus documentation.


Name Metric type Usage Sample collection event
beaconchain_peers Gauge Tracks number of peers When a new peer is added or dropped
beaconchain_current_slot Gauge Latest slot recorded by the beacon chain Each time slot changes
beaconchain_current_justified_epoch Gauge Current justified epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_current_finalized_epoch Gauge Current finalized epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_current_prev_justified_epoch Gauge Current previously justified epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_current_epoch_live_validators Gauge Number of active validators who reported for the current epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_previous_epoch_live_validators Gauge Number of active validators who reported for the previous epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_reorg_events_total Counter Occurrence of a reorganization of the chain On fork choice
beaconchain_pending_deposits Gauge Number of pending deposits Upon processing eth1 events watching the deposit contract
beaconchain_pending_exits Gauge Number of pending exits On each epoch
beaconchain_total_deposits Gauge Number of total deposits Upon processing eth1 events watching the deposit contract
beaconchain_previous_epoch_stale_blocks Gauge Number of blocks not included into canonical chain in the previous epoch On each epoch
beaconchain_propagated_attestations Gauge Number of distinct attestations to a slot received from the wire When attestation inclusion delay passed


The metrics should be collected without labels at all if possible. The collection process will add additional labels as metadata regarding the machine and build information.

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