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Common tests for all Eth2.0 implementations
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Eth 2.0 spec tests

This repository contains test vectors for the Eth 2.0 spec. Other types of testing (network, fuzzing, benchmarking, etc.) are currently a work in progress, and will be hosted in separate repositories. The intention of this repository is to provide a solid base for Eth 2.0 clients to consume as part of their unit-testing efforts around spec behavior.

The tests are YAML files following the general testing format.

The generators that are responsible for generating all of the spec tests can be found in ethereum/eth2.0-specs/test_generators.

New tests can be added by creating a generator in the specs repository, or adding functionality to an existing generator. Generators are small and easy to write, and can use the pythonized-spec to build expected test outputs: see documentation

Note that this repository is growing over time as the spec evolves, and more test-generation code is being added. The YAML test-vectors are tracked using Git LFS, to accommodate for large test vectors (Take Eth 1.0 tests repository size as an example).


See LICENSE file.

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