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Minor release prior to initial client interop efforts. As discussed on the latest eth2.0 implementers call this is the selected spec release target for client interop work going on in September.

This release contains no substantive spec changes wrt the state transition, fork choice, validator guide, and SSZ. It does contain some test-coverage fixes, spec clarifications, and a port of the updated network spec from dev.


A full diff can be found in PR #1375


  • clarify SSZ default values (#1346)


  • network spec for interop and mainnet (#1338)
  • minor network spec corrections/clarificatons (#1350)
  • clarify note on aggregation during interop (#1377)
  • doc standardization (#1334)


  • make nil-count randomization work for lists (#1347)
  • fix ssz-generic bitvector tests (#1374)
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