Ethereum Components Library in React
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Ethereum React Components

A library of frequently used Ethereum React components to display and handle addresses, transactions, accounts...

For a detailed documentation of all available components check out the generated storybook

WARNING: this lib is not production ready. All component APIs are in exploratory phases and strict semantic versioning is not yet enforced.


Two projects using these components are


Our CI automatically bundles and publishes the latest production version to NPM and GitHub Releases

yarn add ethereum-react-components

Use in project

import { Identicon } from 'ethereum-react-components';

  <Identicon address="0xF5A5d5c30BfAC14bf207b6396861aA471F9A711D" />

For a detailed documentation check out e.g. the Identicon story

Note that this storybook uses the Source Sans Pro font. You'll need to import and apply this font (or another font of your choosing) in your own project.


Clone & Storybook

git clone
cd ethereum-react-components
yarn storybook


Local Testing

cd ethereum-react-components
yarn link
cd my/project/with/ethereum/components
yarn link "ethereum-react-components"