Utilities for interacting with the Ethereum virtual machine
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EVM lab utilities

This package contains various tools to interact with the Ethereum virtual machine.

Please refer to the Wiki for more information and howto's.



From source:

Consider creating a virtualenv.

#> virtualenv -p python3 .env3
#> . .env3/bin/activate
#> python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
#> python3 setup.py install
#> python3 -m evmlab  # verify installation

From PIP:

#> python3 -m pip install evmlab[consolegui,abidecoder,docker]
#> python3 -m evmlab  # verify installation

EVMLab comes with a commandline utility that can be invoked by calling python3 -m evmlab <subcommand> <args>

Running it

The easiest way to get it working is to use a docker image.

docker build . -t evmlab && docker run -it evmlab

The docker image should also be available at hub.docker.com, as an automated build:

docker pull holiman/evmlab && docker run -it holiman/evmlab