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utils fuzzer

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using ubuntu 18.06.1 version of docker-ce (18.06.1-ce; api version 1.38)


  1. install evmlab with extras: fuzztests, docker
    #> pip install -e ".[fuzztests,docker]"
    #> pip install "evmlab[fuzztests,docker]"

  2. (optional) adjust config in statetests.ini
    the default should actually work out-of-the-box. Make sure that configured temporary and datapaths exist.

  3. start fuzzing
    (.env3)#> utilities/


  • make sure the directory structure from statetests.ini::tests_path is writeable by as it is used to store logs and testcase files
  • 409 Client Error - Conflict - container already in use
    docker.errors.APIError: 409 Client Error: Conflict ("Conflict. The container name "/parity" is already in use by container "...ID...". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.")
    • --> FIX: docker container rm "/parity" and docker container rm "/geth"
  • Docker API version error
    • --> FIX: upgrade docker-ce to latest version
  • update container images
    • delete the docker images and run which will download the images again: docker image rm ethereum/client-go:alltools-latest --force and docker image rm holiman/parityvm --force
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