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@obscuren obscuren released this Feb 29, 2016 · 5491 commits to master since this release

UPDATE: Please use the 1.3.5 release which contains a network hotfix

This is the first minor protocol upgrade that will set in at 1.150.000's block (Testnet = 494.000). This release includes the following changes to the protocol and fixes:

Protocol changes

  • EIP-7: New EVM opcode DELEGATECALL
  • EIP-2: Consensus rules changes:
    1. The gas cost for creating contracts via a transaction is increased from 21000 to 53000;
    2. All transaction signatures whose s-value is greater than secp256k1n/2 are now considered invalid;
    3. OOG CREATE calls when there's insufficient gas for storing the code (as opposed to silently ignoring the code storage);
    4. Difficulty adjust algorithm has changed to block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(2**((block.number // 100000) - 2))

Fixes / Other

  • Increased artificial gas floor #2266
  • Decreased minimum accepted gas price #2273
  • Fixed windows p2p discover bug #2146
  • Fixed transaction sorting #2143
  • Implement EIP-8 p2p protocol upgrade #2091
  • Fixed downloader OOM #2265


The minimum accepted gas price for both relaying and block inclusion has changed with #2273 to 20 Shannon (from 50 Shannon), this because of the recent changes in the price of Ether. You can change this setting with the --gasprice flag when starting up the client and restore the old gas price if desired.

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