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@obscuren obscuren released this Oct 15, 2016 · 4601 commits to master since this release

This is release Note 7 💥 and includes the EIP150 1b/1c Hardfork and a few fixes:

  • Import reporter improvement #3120
  • Trie memory fix #3135
  • Expvar debug flag #3136
  • Transaction pool soft limitations #3138

Note for users running geth on the Ethereum Classic network (--oppose-dao-fork):

The EIP150 transition is programmed to occur at block 2463000 whether or not --oppose-dao-fork is used.
If you use this option please migrate to the geth client maintained by Ethereum Classic developers.

sha256: 6325050cb382f4543863d88e2abd6609e9c2ebfe34a2c2915fb9ef5a5367d04b
sha256: efbace0ef748974becd563803b518965f1567de55b51a444d54a619ed3dae612
sha256: d26dd020c7c2a3bbae9e9cdfb278a24d2e840be3910c88b87e7a04fb46fa7bf1
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