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Geth v1.7.3 (Weir) is a maintenance release to address various issues in our previous releases, most importantly along log filtering and replacement transaction propagation. The release also contains a few developer niceties. Please see compatibility section below!

New features:

  • Roll out v2 of the les light client protocol (#14970, #15367, #15391).
  • Insta-mining, zero CPU, clique based PoA developer mode --dev (#15323).
  • Add API endpoint to list modified accounts between two blocks (#15512).
  • Gas estimation returns error instead of maxgas if transaction cannot be executed (#15477).
  • Improve EVM jump destination analysis for worst case scenarios (#14582).
  • Enforce application/json for HTTP RPC requests (#15220, #15496).
  • Private network faucet support Facebook, Twitter and Google+ authentication (#15313).
  • Support encrypted SSH keys in the Puppeth network manager (#15443).
  • Introduce docker images containing all Ethereum tools (#15467).
  • Start shipping Ubuntu Artful Aardvark launchpad packages (#15344).

Squashed bugs:

  • Fix log filtering when specifying non-8-multiple starting block number (#15489).
  • Fix replacement transaction propagation (#15343).
  • Reduce disk overhead on keystore startup (#15526, #15527, #15529).
  • Fix occasional Rinkeby chain split by additional fork selection logic (#15470).
  • Fix JavaScript tracing to permit working with Address types (#15297).
  • Fix missing commit hash in docker image versions (#15458, #15464).

Compatibility caveats:

  • All HTTP RPC requests from now on need to have the Content-Type: application/json header set on them. Geth v1.7.3 will refuse to service requests with no content type headers set (or headers with different content types). This is a security measure to counter a browser CORS circumvention technique.
  • Geth v1.7.3 ships with les/2 light client support, which might have harder time finding light servers initially until the server providers upgrade to v1.7.3 too.

For a full rundown of changes, please see the v1.7.3 milestone.

As always, binaries and mobile libraries are available on our download page.