@karalabe karalabe released this Nov 14, 2018 · 116 commits to release/1.8 since this release

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Geth v1.8.18 is our biweekly maintenance release (postponed by 2 weeks due to devcon iv). It is a tiny release focusing mostly on polishes, test speedups and a handful of new features.

  • Emit warning logs on unsuccessful remote account accesses (#17887).
  • Extend eth_getWork miner packages with the block number (#18038).
  • Start generating digitally signed Ethereum node records (#17753).
  • Support using go-ethereum as a WebAssembly library (#17709).
  • Minor EVM EXP shortcuts to make common cases fast (#16851).
  • Implement Merkle proof retriever RPC APIs (#17737, #17965).
  • Add the refund amount to the standard json traces (#17910).
  • Capture source maps via solc compiler wrapper (#18020).
  • Support setting GOMAXPROCS from an env var (#17148).
  • Support encrypting the Clef master seed (#17704).
  • Bump most Go builders to 1.11.2 (#18031).

Notable bugfixes:

  • Fix a downloader issue to better measure remote capacity (#17983).
  • Fix an RPC race on concurrent subscribe/notification (#17874).
  • Fix an RPC data race around unsubscribe/close (#17894).
  • Fix bootnode enode output on -writeaddress (#17932).
  • Fix a deadlock in the p2p simulator framework (#17891).
  • Fix ethclient log filtering via block hashes (#17996).

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.8.18 release milestone.

Geth binaries and mobile libraries are available on the Geth download page.

This release contains Swarm v0.3.6, which among many bugfixes features:

  • Swarm light node mode: disable sync, retrieve, subscription messages (17899).
  • Bugfix: Swarm Feed update with empty signature returns HTTP 200 (18008).
  • Initial P2P accounting for message exchange (17951).

Note that a bug was fixed within the local Swarm database implementation, which requires a cleanup procedure to be run upon Swarm startup. This means that your Swarm node might take a while to start once you upgrade to this version.

Swarm binaries are available on the Swarm download page.