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@fjl fjl released this Jan 31, 2019 · 88 commits to release/1.8 since this release

Geth v1.8.22 re-enables all Constantinople changes and contains an additional fork, Petersburg,
to disable EIP-1283. This procedure is meant to ease the transition on networks like Ropsten where
the Constantinople transition had already taken place when an issue with EIP-1283 was discovered.
On the main network, Constantinople and Petersburg activate at the same time.

The block numbers are:

  • 7280000 for Constantinople on Mainnet
  • 7280000 for Petersburg on Mainnet
  • 4939394 for Petersburg on Ropsten

Note that the Petersburg change is set to activate simultaneously with Constantinople unless
configured otherwise. If you are running a private network, you must schedule the Petersburg
fork through chain configuration before updating to v1.8.22 if Constantinople has already
activated on your network.

In addition to the consensus changes, this release contains peer-to-peer networking security
improvements in the peer discovery subsystem.

List of all changes:

  • core, cmd/puppeth: implement constantinople fix, disable EIP-1283 (#18486)
  • p2p/discover, p2p/enode: rework endpoint proof handling, packet logging (#18963)
  • p2p/discover: improve table addition code (#18974)
  • travis, appveyor: bump to Go 1.11.5 (#18947)

Geth binaries and mobile libraries are available on the Geth download page.

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