Installation Instructions for Mac

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Installing with Homebrew

By far the easiest way to install go-ethereum is to use our Homebrew tap. If you don't have Homebrew, install it first.

Then run the following commands to add the tap and install geth:

brew tap ethereum/ethereum
brew install ethereum

You can install the develop branch by running --devel:

brew install ethereum --devel

After installing, run geth account new to create an account on your node.

You should now be able to run geth and connect to the network.

Make sure to check the different options and commands with geth --help

For options and patches, see:

Building from source

Building Geth (command line client)

Clone the repository to a directory of your choosing:

git clone

Building geth requires the Go compiler:

brew install go

Finally, build the geth program using the following command.

cd go-ethereum
make geth

If you see some errors related to header files of Mac OS system library, install XCode Command Line Tools, and try again.

xcode-select --install

You can now run build/bin/geth to start your node.

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