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Branch: dev
Commits on Mar 13, 2019
  1. Node Info (#29)

    ryanio authored and marcgarreau committed Mar 13, 2019
    * Fix: Terminal formatting
    * Fix: Stops polling logs when node is stopped
    * Fix: keeps terminal output always scrolling on new entries
    * fix: baseline redux store
    * chore: organize project structure
    * feat: node info
    * chore: updates
    * fix: updates
    * fix: updates
    * fix: updates
    * chore: wip updates
    * fix: ListItem selected styling
    * fix: geth start/stop
    * feat: gethconfig tabs
    * fix: linitng
    * fix: lifecycle method names
    * fix: tabs
    * fix: tabs
    * fix: linting
    * fixes
    * fix: cofnig labels without background
    * fix: disable config fields when running
    * fix: simplify nodeinfodot/box by removing remote logic
    * fix: stopped box
    * fix: add missing geth stubs so browser version doesn't error out
    * fix: remove old store + lint
    * fix: local pulse updates
    * fix: simplify box func names, color dot orange on bootup
    * chore: refactor geth service
    * fix: pulse stack depth bug
    * fix: single source of state truth
    * fix: styles status
    * fix: tweak terminal styles
    * fix: determinate version installs
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