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Commits on Sep 10, 2019
  1. feat: add plugin getErrors and dismissError(key) (#468)

    ryanio authored and marcgarreau committed Sep 10, 2019
    * fix: don't clear error on click
    * feat: adds plugin getErrors and dismissError(key)
    * fix: nano
    * fix: update getClient to getPlugin but leave backwards compat
    * fix: accept error objec and use toString()
Commits on Sep 4, 2019
  1. feat: add geth changelog to docs (#453)

    ryanio committed Sep 4, 2019
  2. feat: clef plugin and app (#227)

    ryanio authored and PhilippLgh committed Sep 4, 2019
    * chore: move flag generation to UI
    * chore: remove test:settings cmds
    * chore: circleci - remove test from run_steps for now
    * Add AppManager and window args to Grid API
    * add AppManager
    * add apps
    * wip feat: ideas needed for clef integration
    * feat: add os notifications
    * feat: remote plugin locations
    * fix: merge reminant
    * chore: expose a plugin `api` property instead of hardcoding plugin-specific methods
    * chore: add `id` and `result` to plugin rpc
    * chore:
    * simplify `pluginRequest` and `pluginNotification` events to just `pluginData`
    * provide `api` property and `stdinWrite` method on app plugin interface
    * chore: listen to newState events that may come from plugin code
    * fix: set state correctly
    * feat: pass main process Notification to plugin
    * chore: remove plugin local location path
    * fix: emit onStart on stdout.once instead of srtderr.once
    * fix: add version filter to app manager logic
    * fix: add pluginData back to eventTypes
    * fix: add handleData back in for plugin's use
    * chore: capitalization
    * chore: add keystoreDir to geth settings
    * feat: add app list to nano
    * chore: close app list on app click
    * fix: variable typo
    * feat: app badges
    * chore: style switches to match grid-ui, fix windowId for window reusability
    * chore: update apps.json
  3. feat: clear errors in nano on plugin event `clearPluginErrors` (#446)

    ryanio authored and PhilippLgh committed Sep 4, 2019
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