Meteor package to extract and expose Ethereum network information
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Meteor package - Ethereum network info

Waits for a web3 connection and then extracts network info.

It fetches the Genesis block information and places it into a Promise - NetworkInfoPromise - for use throughout your application.

It also provides a proxy wrapper class for Mongo collections which ensures that network id is stored for each document in the collection, allowing you store data by network.


$ meteor add hiddentao:ethereum-networkinfo


Use the extracted network information via the Promise:

NetworkInfo.promise.then(function(networkInfo) {

  type: 'main',
  uniqueId: 'fb25ce3f...',
  genesis: {...},

To network-ify a collection do:

MyCollection = new NetworkInfo.ProxyCollection(
  new Mongo.Collection('mydata')

You can then use all the normal Meteor collection methods on the returned object.