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Build Status

This project is a "fork" / re-write of ethereum/Mist's user interface

It is bootstrapped with Create React App v2, is 100% written in React and removes the meteor framework dependency.

Project Goals

  • improved security and easier maintenance
  • rapid development, faster iterations and releases
  • improved testability
  • removal of electron API references from UI components
  • allows to run the app in a browser, electron or tau window
  • separation of electron shell application and user interface
  • independent release, versioning and packaging of host application (Mist) and dapp (MistUI, WalletUI)
  • introduction of an app namespace and removal of global variables
  • reducing the amount of custom build scripts required to produce distributables
  • a popular technology to encourage the community to contribute
  • no network connection or full node required to run and develop the UI


There are many ways to get involved with this project. Get started here.


if not installed:
npm install -g less

git clone https://github.com/ethereum/mist-ui.git
cd mist-ui

Start in 3 terminals:
yarn run watch-css  -> compile less to css and watch for changes (less + react compat workaround)
yarn run start -> start dev server for react with hot reloading
yarn run electron:dev -> load the app from the dev server into an electron window

Using local ethereum-react-components

To develop in mist-ui using your local copy of ethereum-react-components:

  1. cd ethereum-react-components
  2. npm link
  3. cd mist-ui
  4. npm link ethereum-react-components

After making changes in ethereum-react-components, run yarn for a fresh build to be picked up by mist-ui.