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System information

Version: `0.8.4`
OS & Version: osx
Node type: `geth`

How to Re-Add Accounts and contracts to Ethereum-Wallet 0.8.4

Might be a noob question, but I just downloaded the latest Ethereum-Wallet 0.8.4.

It stated in the release that we will need to Re-Add our accounts in order to see them.

How would I do this?

Thank you 👍

luclu commented Oct 1, 2016 edited

@RongxinZhang, please follow these steps:

  1. download and open Ethereum Wallet 0.8.2
  2. copy any of the following you are interested in keeping into a text-editor:
    • [wallet tab]
      • accounts: names
      • contract wallet: address and name
    • [contract tab]
      • watched contracts: address and ABI (interface)
      • watched token: address, name, symbol and decimal places
  3. open Ethereum Wallet 0.8.4 and paste/import:
    • [wallet tab]
      • accounts: names
      • contract wallet: add contract wallet -> import (will only be shown if >1 Ether in account)
    • [contract tab]
      • watched contracts: watch contracts
      • watched token: watch token

@luclu Thanks, will give this a try ✌️


  • I was transferring from 0.8.1
  • I also found that accounts from 0.8.1 showed up in 0.8.4 after creating a new account with a "secure" password in 0.8.4

where is the import function in ethereum wallet win64??


"open Ethereum Wallet 0.8.4 and paste/import:
[wallet tab]
accounts: names
contract wallet: add -> import"

How exactly do you do this? I can't see an import button or menu option.


Try selecting Develop - Ethereum Node - Geth even if its selected already. It seemed to bring the wallet address & balance back up.


Thanks, that works, but all the account names are gone, they are just "Account 1", "Account 2" etc. Good job I made a note of them before, otherwise I'd be stuck!

prashantprabhakar commented Oct 14, 2016 edited

I am facing same issue in latest 0.8.5 version of Ethereum wallet. Previous transactions and accounts are not visible, even if I create a new account,it does not appear in Mist. However if I check console of Mist and check web3.eth.accounts , It displays all my accounts including newly created account. I could not find any import tab in this version. How to manually add accounts and transactions in 0.8.5?

@luclu luclu added the question label Oct 20, 2016
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