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0.8.10 into master #2159

merged 85 commits into from Apr 26, 2017

0.8.10 into master #2159

merged 85 commits into from Apr 26, 2017


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evertonfraga commented Apr 19, 2017

No description provided.

frozeman and others added 30 commits Dec 15, 2016
* Update geth to 1.5.5

* corrected windows zip's internal paths

* changed sanity check

* made node starting better

* also log path from which to fetch

* show fetching origin URL

* fix ESLint errors

* removed -stable
* [ESLint] update 'scripts'

* add comments to .eslintrc

* update paths

* update comments
* change fast to light

* light client

* remove '--cache' flag

* remove cache

* text changes`

* changes to onboarding screen

* changes to onboarding

* ropstein in eth

* experimental label`

* checking network label position

* Theres no I in Ropsten

* changes algotithm for displaying

* allows app to be ready if no sync is happening

* bring changes to splash screen

* remove changes from ethereumNode

* remove changes from menuItems

* speed changes

* clean up and add comments

* fixes onboarding shapeshift window loading

* simplify code

* add comments

* shows ready to launch when there are less than a 100 blocks
* added not found and crash error page

* add source sans
* add 'mist.solidity.version' to mistAPI

* Adding tests for  in Mist API
* Update travis config to new format

* fixes

* install gulp

* fixes

* tweaks

* use same install & script tasks for all builds

* Expand build matrix

* tweaks

* fixes

* try to fix wine installation

* Enable mac build

* Extend run time to 30 minutes

* see if extra dependencies resolves build issue for linwin

* Install yarn with npm on osx

* linux and windows in one

* Add gulp to Mac

* Bump timeout to 60 minutes

* remove download-signatures from processing / travis tweaks

* cleanup

* enable gitter notifications

* fix bash double ampersand

* try to build nsis script

* fix nsis verbosity flag

* Customized NSIS installer

* Fix order of commands

* Improve uninstaller

* Add logic and movefile plugins

* Enable separate DATADIR location

* Remove INSTDIR and replace with FILEDIR

* Fix compiler warnings about unknown variables

* Enforce UAC admin requirement

* Move NSI to scripts directory and add plugins

* Include version in output filename

* Remove duplicate execution level command

* Move files from nested folder into main folder

* Update shortcut names and params

* initial architecture detection + various cleanup

* More flexible environment vars

* Cleanup

* User-selectable location for Mist's data files

* Include icon in installation directory

* Cleanup

* Improve/fix registry entries

* Show shortcuts after successful installation

* Estimate installation size

* Fix removal of start menu shortcuts

* Open DATADIR and NODEDATADIR on uninstallation

* Handle firewall rules

* Disable firewall updates

* Include multiple architectures into single installer

* Don't allow user to select Mist data directory

* Integrate NSIS build into Gulp

* Cleanup lint suggestions

* Cleanup more lint suggestions

* One more linter fix

* Remove testnet startmenu entry

* Double the estimated installed size

* Create desktop shortcut

* Delete temporary zips

* Store user settings in HKCU for uninstallation

* Remove user registry settings on uninstallation

* Improved uninstallation to not rely on stack variables

* Compute actual program directory size

* Cleanup
* various fixes

* disable code-signing on 'develop'

* fix yarn on xcode8 image

* rectify if statement

* comments

* improvement
* recreate PR

* add fixes

* fix [null]
* add gulp-task 'upload-binaries'

* fix ESLint errors

* improvements and fixes

* switch URLs to ethereum/mist repo

* also build wallet if on master branch
* Adding browser solidity menu item

* Adding i18n keys for Remix menu item

* Moving Remix menu option UP

* Opening Remix on a separated popup

* Changing display name

* minor refactor

* reverting travis change
Dutch translation

* rename 'presaleFile' IPC actions to generic 'walletFile'

* update the import-screen depending on wallet type

* leverage ethereum-keyfile-recognizer

* update yarn.lock

* fix merge relic

* [ESLint]

* polish

* update dependency and fix ESLint

* improvements

* update menu-label
luclu and others added 23 commits Mar 24, 2017
* [i18n] partial update to German translation

* update
* [i18n] add missing meteor package 'numeral:languages'

* add better error message
* Spectron iteration

* Updating spectron

* Creating switch for mist.lokidb for automated tests

* Adding chai-as-expected

* Changing IPC flag

* Pairing spectron and electron versions

* [ESLint] Minor fixes

* Adding chai-string

* Couple of tests passing

* update .eslintrc.yml

* Simplifying code

* Removing delay in favor of better window management

* Adding tests for URL bar

* Focusing window before each test

* Minor fixes

* Improving mist setup and teardown

* Fixing wallet test

* adding html fixture

* Improving test helpers

* Tests for ETH-01-002

* Updating tests

* Starting local HTTP server to deal with html fixtures

* Updating tests setup

* Adding more tests

* Updating travis file to run spectron tests

* Refactoring tests

* Tests for ETH-01-007

* Downloading geth on the fly

* Fine-tuning geth download during tests

* Changing linux binary dir

* Fixing binary path on linux

* Travis debug

* Travis debug

* Changing fixtures

* Fixing tests

* Fixing travis file

* More tests

* Adjusting timeouts

* Adjusting GULP_PLATFORM test env variable

* Adjusting timeouts

* Disabling some tests for now

* Disabling a test

* updating yarn

* Tests for ETH-01-009

* More tests

* Adding test for ETH-01-008

* simplify '--test' flag evaluation

* revert unnecessary changes to yarn.lock (no changes to package.json)

* Minor comment changes

* consistent use of 'protocol' in test titles

* Update js-redirect.html
* Add Ethereum-Wallet NSIS installer

* minor changes

* improve makensis call

* Improve Uploader

* Refactor

* refactor

* remove eth node

* remove build-dist.js

* added 'options.platforms' and 'options.activePlatforms'

* remove squirrel

* fix

* cleanup

* string formating, windows compatibility

* md5 checksum platform compatibiliy

* cleanup Linter errors

* update travis.yml

* minor fix

* improve platform usage hint (don't show 'mac' on non macOS systems)

* Rectifying documentation

* update Readme

* typo in readme

* add clarification on available platforms on the host platform

* remove unnessecary linux dep

* cleanup patch string
* Sidebar changes

* Basic tab visual changes

* Scrolling tabs

* Menu iteration

* Improvements on floating menu

* Menu improvements

* Inflection translation for account button

* Adjusting menu animations and hover (dis)appear timings

* Identicon area height

* Cleanup

* Improvements on menu position and, padding and dealing with information overflow

* browserbar z-index

* Sidebar scrolling on submenu overflow

* Fixed some visual glitches

* Enabling drag and drop of new tabs

* Fixing submenu position

* Refactoring

* Opening the right account window for dapp menu entries

* Minor opacity change

* Scrollbars on windows

* White scrollbars on submenu

* Fixing sidebar css on windows

* Code style

* Dealing with large numbers with german separators

* Prevents dragging Dapps to 1st position (browser)

* Ensuring browse will always be the first tab

* Preventing drag dapps above browse tab

* Minor adjustments

* Small refactor and code cleaning

* Dependencies update

* Fixing add permissions to browse tab behavior

* Cursor change

* Code Style

* Small refactor

* Code style
* [travis] only increase timeout for mac build

* fix
* fix #1359

* stricter validation

* add test case "shouldn't allow RegExp (possible XSS)"

* shorten test-case

* remove unnecessary regex flags

* improve error msg
* update geth 1.6.0

* [tests] geth 1.6.0 compatibility
luclu approved these changes Apr 24, 2017
@evertonfraga evertonfraga merged commit c304d0d into master Apr 26, 2017
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continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
continuous-integration/travis-ci/push The Travis CI build passed

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wikiterm commented Sep 8, 2017

I would like to localize the Mist browser into Arabic. How does it work?


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lock bot commented Mar 30, 2018

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@lock lock bot locked and limited conversation to collaborators Mar 30, 2018
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