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This is the released contains all the features demoed at Devcon1 and it's mostly centered around contract execution. We also took a lot of feedback that felt the previous beta was starting to show signs of featuritis so we simplified and streamlined the app.

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  • All contract upload and token management are under the "contracts" tab, which you can safely ignore if you just want to store ether (This will move into its own Dapp in the future, once Mist comes along)
  • You can watch a contract and interact with it by adding its address and JSON Interface. In the future the JSON Interface will be stored on IPFS/Swarm so it might be retrieved directly from the address, but right now you'll need both.
  • Contracts you deploy yourself will be automatically saved to your "Custom Contracts" so you won't need to bother with the JSON Interface. If it looks like a token, we'll automatically add to your token list too.
  • Fast sync is now enabled, so if you are syncing from block 0 you'll experience dramatically shorter sync times, on your first sync. Later syncs will still take a while, bit once you catched up its significantly less.
  • Mac, Linux 64Bit and Win 64Bit versions come with geth built in. Mac and Wind 64Bit comes also with eth. If you are working on a different implementation and are interested in embedding your version with the wallet, come talk to us on the gitter room

And just like previous versions, you don't need to open the command line or install anything to run this app. We hope this version makes interacting with smart contracts even easier and more fun than ever before.

Example contracts:

You can test a complete DAO with these contracts, by following these steps:

  • Get the code to create a Custom Token: sonf go to contracts > deploy new contract
  • Use 10000 as the _supply, 2 as _decimals and % as the symbol. Click deploy and wait a few seconds for your code to be picked up.
  • Now go to the contract page (its on the "latest transaction" table on the dashboard or on the Contracts page) and click "copy address to clipboard". Save that somewhere.
  • Get the code to create a DAO: and paste it on the contracts > deploy new contract page.
  • Use the address you saved earlier as the sharesAddress, put 1000 on minimumSharesForVoting to reject any proposal that doesn't have at least 10% of shares behind it and put any number you want on minutesForDebate. If you just want to do a quick test, use a small amount like 5-30, but if you actually want it at least a week of full debates before any proposal can be executed, then put 10000 or more.
  • Click deploy and wait a few seconds for the transaction to be picked up
  • Go to the contract page and click "show contract info". You can read all the information about the contract on the left column.
  • Pick newProposal. Add the recipient you want to receive the ether, the amount and a string. If you want it to execute some code, add the contract data on the last box. Click "execute".
  • Pick vote. Select the user that you want to vote with, the proposal number and click "YES" if you support the proposal.
  • Pick executeProposal. Proposals can only be executed if the minimum amount of time to vote has passed and if enough users have voted to surpass the minimum quorum. Choose the proposal number, click "execute" and it will count up the votes. If it passes it will send the amount asked and execute the code.