@frozeman frozeman released this Mar 13, 2016

Assets 6

This release adds some additional log information to the splash screen and adds a feature to send all ether for an account.

Full list of changes:

  • Added a send-all functionality to the send page.
  • Add German (thanks to @ColRad) and Portuguese (@alexvandesande) translation for the wallet!
  • Added log infos to the splash screen, so users can see what the node is currently doing...
  • Improved ether display precision on the confirmation screen
  • Added a check with NTP servers to see if the computer time is correct, if not it shows an error
  • Increased error timeout

If you should notice that your wallet links lead to a white page, please run the following script in the console:
This changes all your wallet addresses internally back to lowercase (we introduced that by accident).

screen shot 2016-03-11 at 13 46 23

screen shot 2016-03-11 at 13 47 31

MD5 9c7aff3e98acc6a11b1a1290a67877f2
MD5 d906dcb001e43794a0ecb16698a54b11
MD5 a7b1a0700efaab1017eafe717cc70fab
MD5 f0220add5276d1ae5d7b5d479074967d
MD5 f4949b8b922ce2e135a1c6eb4cefbb6c

SHASUM 5fd73a708613b252946219779adbe728a2c7ae39
SHASUM 5492787681fdb4b31cfffec413ead4797f4f186b
SHASUM 4268f9908c54e702b1572278a5753bec55d28445
SHASUM 5390b01f85ffc62865fe8ce6e9d1e49166dfcfcc
SHASUM fbd0207a4ec33ff079a372e6e62a84d035c7ea1e