Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.3 + Geth 1.4.12

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Sep 27, 2016 · 169 commits to develop since this release

Mist 0.8.3

This is a special release live from Devcon. It contains a few updates that will be presented live onstage, and the new security release for Geth.

New Features

New confirmation pane (#1141)

All ethereum transactions only contain very few pieces of information, mostly who it comes from, who it goes to, the amount of ether and the byte code data. This last one is where all the contract magic does, yet all you could see until now was a bunch of hexadecimal numbers. In this version, we try to decode the byte code into human friendly parameters, so you can understand more what the contract is trying to do. Mist comes with almost 3000 contract signatures (thanks to @pipermerriam for creating a service that collects them ) and if you still don't have it you can still query the internet to try to decode it. With some upcoming Swarm and Solidity features we intend to make this request via Swarm, not HTTP, but right now if you click decode, you are sending a request to the site which doesn't keep any logs.

Don't forget that this is just what the transaction list it does. Ultimately what the contract does is up to the code, so clicking the recipient address will take you to a page containing the contract source code that you can verify yourself.

Security fix

This Mist & Wallet 0.8.3 release contains the updated 1.4.12 Geth version. If you were experiencing issues with Mist crashing after block 2283416, then that's the likely culprit.

PGP-verified releases (#546)

This is long-awaited, and probably more useful than checksums itself. Look for the Verified badge in releases and commits.

Other fixes

  • New windows installers and Mac DMGs
  • Changed Fullscreen shortcut (#1151)
  • Updated to the latest version of Solidity (#1138)
  • Fixed a security issue that could reveal your public key without authorisation (#1114)
  • Integrating electron-builder for better distributables building (#1159)

Known issues

  • Mist Menu still lists geth as 1.4.10 but it has been updated
  • Windows installers are not adding the icons on the menu. To find your mist install, open windows explorer and go to %localappdata%\Mist\app-0.8.3\
  • Installation of Ethereum Wallet will wipe out Mist and vice versa on Windows and Linux (#1178; only 0.8.3 versions affected)

Checksums (SHA-256)


4cc5774cc6900fbcaa155705291e2f85f5568b19b8163a603e953bececac42d3  Mist Setup
de511a2db31f1b4b9a0924522934790f9d138b0dd22ff6168e01c426ff6cdaf2  Mist Setup
c1d9bf21bf01b6a000126a537a4d7b35131e1ba48d301edf33240cd82473bca0  Mist-0.8.3-ia32.deb
88faf16f85135f7a6fb1da57019db1cc5bf147411ea0fcd523472b88e5fcda4f  Mist-0.8.3.deb
bf1784d7c52cb0980b5e2976c90b251fe49934cb12df60a30df6e22bb34b36b1  Mist-0.8.3.dmg


20d528ac86bfc4033129945aca33c043a0669f8d12615ca897ba52789cd74f15  Ethereum Wallet Setup
f965f5050408e78fca28da060366619a13e94f3f7270c2f1cd49c30dad08840d  Ethereum Wallet Setup
33a34c0ee5a29dfccf7e9d5f9c7a655aa04f31ba7580771f684506131375520e  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3-ia32.deb
708288b6d9eacd3851890f77479835eeb2120b5aab9b0892e964bef042926960  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3.deb
e915e66a774cd9af320b746bfd907cc9f678d0d39e75643f35488925e177fefa  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3.dmg