The Mix Ethereum Dapp Development Tool
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Mix is an IDE that allows developers to build and deploy contracts and decentralized applications on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

it includes:

  • Source code editor for Solidity (contract - backend) and HTML/JS (frontend)
  • Solidity source code debugger
  • Blockchain editor
  • Internal RPC server (allows debugging transactions/calls created from the web3 JavaScript API)
  • Dapp/Contract deployment (deploying to test or live chain)

Mix has been discontinued.

We are now focusing on remix ( ) which will provide soon the same level of functionality as mix. Remix is in the early stage (alpha version). it only provides VM debugging for now. Remix has already been integrated with browser solidity ( ). You can use it right now.

But as remix is still alpha, i would not recommend to use it as a production tool. please wait for further announcements. Thanks and i hope you will enjoy playing with remix! Feel free to join the gitter channel and share your thoughts with us.

Download binaries:

Build from source: