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This is our sixth major alpha release of the Trinity Ethereum client. This release goes out under the name "RBG", short for "Ruth Bader Ginsburg".

With each release we like to highlight one of the amazing women from history and present day.


I feel like a broken record but this is one more release focusing on improving sync reliability and performance. We continue to lay the necessary foundations necessary for Trinity to take full advantage of concurrently downloading both the VM and chain state.

This release greatly improves the terminal output during fast sync, providing better visibility into the sync performance. Errors and warnings are now also displayed in red/yellow respectively.

The plugin API continues to gather improvements. Preliminary documentation for writing plugins can be found here

Trinity now ships with a built-in EthStats plugin which can be enabled with --ethstats. Check trinity --help for more information about command line options.

See the full release notes here

See the quickstart guide here for information on how to install and run the Trinity client.