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This is our seventh major alpha release of the Trinity Ethereum client. This release goes out under the name "Elpis Kesaratsian".

With each release we like to highlight one of the amazing women from history and present day.
Meet Elpis Kesaratsian, who was a ground-breaking author and editor in Constantinople in the 1800s.

The most notable update in this release is full Constantinople support, including the mainnet transition to Constantinople on block 7080000.

Another significant new feature is support for genesis files following this proposed format.

Included in this release is a variety of improvements to performance, testing, and documentation.

The research team continues to add significant code in preparation for the Beacon Chain protocol of Eth2.0, which is not available yet in trinity, but keep checking in.

See the full release notes here

See the quickstart guide here for information on how to install and run the Trinity client.

You may note that we skipped a couple alpha version numbers. A release hiccup caused a broken genesis definition for mainnet/ropsten. Forgive us?

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