Common tests for all Ethereum implementations
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Common tests for all clients to test against. See the documentation

Contents of this repository

Do not change test files in folders:

  • StateTests
  • BlockchainTests
  • TransactionTests
  • VMTests

It is being created by the testFillers which could be found at src folder. The filler specification and wiki are in development so please ask on gitter channel for more details.

If you want to modify a test filler or add a new test please contact @winsvega at

All files should be of the form:

		"test1property1": ...,
		"test1property2": ...,
		"test2property1": ...,
		"test2property2": ...,

Arrays are allowed, but don't use them for sets of properties - only use them for data that is clearly a continuous contiguous sequence of values.

Test Set Sanitation


Several basic checks against the test-set are performed to enusre that they have been filled and are formatted correctly. Currently, there are three types of checks that we can perform:

  • make TEST_PREFIX.format: check that the JSON is formatted correctly.
  • make TEST_PREFIX.valid: check that the JSON files are valid against the JSON schemas in ./JSONSchema.
  • make TEST_PREFIX.filled: check that the JSON tests are filled with the correct source hashes against the fillers.

The constant TEST_PREFIX is a path prefix to the test-set you're interested in performing the checks on. For instance:

  • make ./src/VMTestsFiller/vmArithmeticTest.format will check that all JSON files in ./src/VMTestsFiller/vmArithmeticTest are formatted correctly.
  • make ./src.valid will check that all the JSON files in ./src are valid against the JSON schemas in ./JSONSchema.
  • make ./BlockchainTests.filled will check that the source hashes in the JSON tests in ./BlockchainTests are the same as the hashes of the fillers in ./src/BlockchainTestsFiller.

These checks are all performed by the file ./, which can be invoked on individual files as well. Run ./ with no arguments for help.


The above checkers are packaged together into sanitizers for each test-suite, marking which testsuites are passing which testers. See the TODOs in the Makefile to see which checkers are enabled for which test-suites.

  • make sani: will run all passing sanitizers on all passing testsuites.

  • make sani-TESTNAME: will run just the passing sanitizers for the given testsuite. TESTNAME can be one of:

    • vm: VMTests and VMTestsFiller
    • gs: GeneralStateTests and GeneralStateTestsFiller
    • bc: BlockchainTests and BlockchainTestsFiller
    • tx: TransactionTests and TransactionTestsFiller


The tests can also be run/filled with the same Makefile.

  • make run: will use testeth to all the test-suites.
  • make fill: will use testeth to fill all the test-suites.
  • make runs a single testsuite.
  • make TEST_PREFIX.fill: fills and formats a single testsuite.


I want to test my client, which version shall I use?

The develop branch in ethereum/tests is the version to use.

How can I add a new test case?

testeth guide to generate test cases