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This is the second of a new regular series of test releases, which can be used to reference a static snapshot of the tests within your library. First release has been v6.0.0-beta.1, see release notes from this release for an initial summary on the state of Constantinople tests.

Constantinople Test Updates

  • Added initial test cases for EXTCODEHASH EIP-1052, see PR #484
  • More EXTCODEHASH tests, see PR #544
  • New SSTORE state tests and blockchain tests where an external call is overwriting/colliding with new SSTORE gas calculation rules, see PR #535

Test Coverage

  • New tests to cover cases where the result of an EVM opcode is written to a specified memory range and the result is shorter than the specified range, see PR #538

Library Changes

  • Added .idea to .gitignore, see PR #546


Test generation docs have been consolidated and integrated in the central ReadTheDocs testing documentation.

We also updated outdated parts on this doc section (see PR #539), so it should in principle now be possible to follow the guide and end up with a working test creation setup. There might still be some glitches, please let us know or submit a PR on ethereum/tests to if you stumble over something.

Other changes: