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@holgerd77 holgerd77 released this Oct 4, 2019

This is the first Ethereum tests release with broader Istanbul support, see the "Istanbul support" section for a list with relevant PRs.

This release also comes with some structural changes to the test folder layout, the most important ones being the introduction of a new separate LegacyTests test suite for state tests up to Constantinople, a new sub folder structure for BlockchainTests and a new separate suite GeneralStateTests/stTimeConsuming/ for time consuming tests. For further details please have a look at the "Test Format Changes" section.

Istanbul Support

EIP Test Support

  • EIP-152: Blake2b F precompile, CALL and CALLCODE tests added for the standard unit test vectors for Blake2b F, PR #619
  • EIP-1344: ChainID opcode, state tests added in PR #627
  • EIP-1884: Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes, SELFBALANCE and SLOAD gas cost tests added in PR #627

Test Regeneration

  • Regeneration of BlockchainTests/GeneralStateTests (hive tests), PR #632
  • Updated TransactionTests/ to Istanbul, PR #633
  • Updated state tests with latest lllc, PR #635
  • Updated GeneralStateTests to Istanbul, PR #639

Constantinople/Petersburg Updates

The following tests touching Constantinople/Petersburg behavior have been added or updated since the last release:

  • Added ConstantinopleFix (aka Petersburg) tests, PR #582
  • Updated ByzantiumToConstantinople transition test to ByzantiumToConstantinopleFix
    (see BlockchainTests/TransitionTests), PR #583, PR #588
  • New SAR, SHL, SHR combinations, PR #574

Test Format Changes

  • New LegacyTests suite for BlockchainTests/GeneralStateTests and GeneralStateTests for HFs up to Constantinople (so not: ConstantinopleFix aka Petersburg), PR #623
  • New subfolder structure for BlockchainTests with added folders for InvalidBlocks and ValidBlocks,
    PR #605
  • New separate suite GeneralStateTests/stTimeConsuming/ for time consuming tests, PR #595
  • Moved blockchain specific tests from GeneralStateTests to BlockchainTests, PR #590
  • Old unmaintained RPC test scripts in RPCTests have been removed, PR #573

Retesteth / RPC

  • Added Istanbul to Retesteth configuration, PR #638
  • Updated Retesteth configurations, PR #634
  • Default Retesteth genesis configurations, PR #625
  • Added Retesteth configuration for Pantheon client, PR #622
  • Autokill Geth threads in, PR #613
  • Added fork configurations to Geth config, PR #602
  • Fixed BlockchainTests RPC issues, PR #594

General Test Additions

  • More RLP invalid tests for non-optimal lengths (see RLPTests/), PR #612
  • More tests on touching precompiles along REVERT usage (see GeneralStateTests/stRevertTest/*Touch*.json), PR #580, PR #610
  • New sStore test with non-zero nonce on collision (see GeneralStateTests/stSStoreTest/InitCollisionNonZeroNonce.json), PR #578

Bug Fixes/Optimizations

  • Corrected tests with a missing expect section, PR #624
  • Refill of all BlockchainTests/GeneralStateTests/, PR #621
  • Removed post sections with no post conditions, PR #618
  • Corrected huge expect sections in state tests (see stAttackTest/, 'stQuadraticComplexity/'),
    PR #617
  • Compressed huge state data in bcExploitTest tests, PR #616
  • Removed ambiguous test in BlockchainTests/ValidBlocks/bcMultiChainTest/ChainAtoChainB_blockorder2.json, PR #615
  • Fixed RevertPrecompiledTouch test, PR #609
  • Converted blockchain specific state tests into BlockchainTests, PR #607
  • Various test fixes, PR #603
  • Fixes and updates to various state tests, PR #599
  • Fixed 0x missing in transaction -> data in GeneralStateTests, PR #598
  • Removed a test case from badOpcodes state tests (see GeneralStateTests/stBadOpcode/), PR #592
  • Fixed gasLimit issue in GeneralStateTests, PR #590
  • Consistently use 0x prefixes in RLPTests, PR #587
  • Removed underspecified lotsOfBranches test (see BlockchainTests/bcTotalDifficultyTest/lotsOfBranches.json), PR #579
  • Changed gasUsed to 0 in genesisBlockHeader for dataTx tests (see BlockchainTests/bcValidBlockTest/dataTx.json and dataTx2.json), PR #577
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