Try Ethereum with an online interface
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Try Ethereum with an online interface.


It is the most up-to-date and feature-complete including a HTML/JS front-end API and a JavaScript console.

Currently, tryethereum is on pause (

Prior instructions for running

For example:

  1. Enter cow for seed
  2. Click "Gimme more money"
  3. Get the namecoin contract written in serpent from and submit it. Note the address of the contract, let's call it NAMECOIN_ADDRESS.
  4. In "State Explorer" enter NAMECOIN_ADDRESS to see your namecoin contract
  5. Submit Transaction to NAMECOIN_ADDRESS with value 0 and data "harry 60" (no quotes)
  6. In "State Explorer" you should see your data will now be in storage "1734439545 60"

Try out other stuff and if you want to reset (genesis block), delete it from mongo eg. db.block.remove({})