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Former home of webthree-umbrella (cpp-ethereum)

cpp-ethereum is the Ethereum C++ client.

This repository was an "umbrella" repository which was the home for the various C++ projects betwen October 2015 and August 2016. Prior to that point all the work had happened under a single repository (cpp-ethereum), and that is where all C++ runtime development work has now returned, with solidity now being a standalone repository.

  • AlethZero, AlethOne and AlethFive have been retired
  • Mix has been retired
  • Solidity is now standalone, and development continues in that repo
  • The restored cpp-ethereum repository is the mainline for the C++ runtime client
    • That is a merger of the libethereum, libweb3core, webthree and webthree-helpers repositories

Please do not create pull-requests against this repository. It is no longer in-use.