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@chriseth chriseth released this May 31, 2016 · 171 commits to develop since this release

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IMPORTANT - If you have ever contributed code to cpp-ethereum, please look through #530 - Get to clarity on licensing and copyright and add an e-mail address for yourself to the pirate pad.

Changelog - eth-v1.2.6

Changelog - mix-v1.0.4

  • The DMGs in the last few releases contained stale .app files for Mix. That has been resolved in this release.
  • Other than that, the only change was a minor fix from RJ Catalano to match solidity changes.
  • Many, many people are having issues with Mix crashing-at-boot on OS X. We are aware, but short of people to troubleshoot. If you can help, please do come to the mix gitter channel and we can coordinate.

Changelog - solidity-v0.3.4

This release mainly makes libraries more flexible in that it allows internal functions to be called.

Links and instructions

Platform Build from source Primary binaries Secondary binaries
Windows Build for Windows Installer [help] ZIP
OS X Yosemite Build for OS X DMG [help] ZIP
OS X El Capitan Build for OS X DMG [help] ZIP
Ubuntu + derivatives Build for Linux PPA [help]


  • AlethZero is still included in this release but will be slowly phased out during the next releases.
  • We support building from source on a very broad range of platforms, much broader than the subset we have official binaries for. Check out the full building from source instructions.
  • Please ignore the source archives below, which are auto-generated by Github and are missing the git sub-modules.
  • Use the v1.2.6 tag of this repo instead, cloned recursively.