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Welcome to the Ethereum Wiki

This is the community-maintained wiki covering all sorts of information on the next-generation peer-to-peer technology platform built by ÐΞV including Ethereum, the generalized blockchain for smart contract development, and Whisper, the private low-level datagram communication platform.

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Spurious Dragon

The fourth major live release of Ethereum aka Spurious Dragon was released in Nov 2016. Development continues towards the versions named Metropolis and Serenity (v1.1). Spurious Dragon is aiming for Ðapp developers as well as end users for limited categories of applications, and has a number of security enhancements compared to previous versions, and the upcoming Metropolis is aiming for end users with the release of the Mist browser. Serenity is meant to move from consensus through Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Getting started

To get the basic concepts of Ethereum visit the Ethereum homepage over at http://ethereum.org. If you want to get a deeper understanding, start by reading the whitepaper and the design rationale. For a more formal review, read the yellow paper. See the development tutorial for quick start to developing smart contracts.

Don't get lost

Check the Glossary and our FAQ. There are separate wikis for information relevant to the C++ and Go implementations (Python and Javascript coming soon),


Bleeding edge code can be cloned from the develop branch of their git repositories: