Dapp Developer Resources

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As a Ðapp developer you have three main resources which allow Ðapp development.

Main Resources

  • Web3 JavaScript API - This is the main JavaScript SDK to use when you want to interact with a nodes API
  • JSON RPC API - This is the low level JSON RPC 2.0 interface to interface with a node. This API is used by the Web3 JavaScript API.
  • Solidity Documentation - Solidity is the Ethereum-developed Smart Contract language, which compiles to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) opcodes.
  • Remix IDE - Solidity editor in the browser that helps efficient writing, debugging and deploying contracts
  • Dapp Insight - This is a most popular Dapp analytics tool which listing all the running Dapps in the world with their true usage data.

Other Resources:

  • Standardized Contract APIs - Standard contract API, which should be used to make some contract types accessible by other Ðapps. (Not yet finalised)
  • Useful Ðapp Patterns - Code snippets which are useful for Ðapp development.
  • Dapp using Meteor - This short tutorial gives an intro on how to start building a Ðapp using Meteor, and also why Meteor is a good fit for Ðapps.

Useful read

  • FAQs - Collection of links, useful for understanding the Ethereum eco system.
  • Glossary - Great explanation of Blockchain related terms.

Gitter Chats

  • web3.js Gitter
  • Mist Gitter
  • GO Ethereum Gitter
  • C++ Ethereum Gitter
  • Swarm Gitter
  • Whisper Gitter
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