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Plane Drawing Robot

Guide: Neha P

Team members:

505 (Yallalinga)

519 (Shrikanth)

540 (Basavaraj)

542 (Akshay Bhat)


In an art and craft supply store there is a need for a machine which draws given shape and patterns on a paper for further use.


The act of producing the drawings from observation is a process that still exercises fascination. It is also considered to be a difficult skill to acquire. Drawings can be p erformed in many types. Some of the machines like Paul do observational drawings of people who pose in front of it using technologies. There are drawings we are aiming to produce with an system using technology and those made by human hands as well. Since the beginning of twentieth century mechanical machines have entered the world of arts. There are many examples of computerized systems attempting to draw from reality including portraits. This is been most prominent in computer graphics referred to as NPR (Non Photorealistic Rendering). History and Existing Solutions: Today most research in robotics is geared towards creating robots, such as those used in the manufacturing industry since 1970s. So here are some of the machines for drawing the structures

  1. Paul the robot
  2. Art bots
  3. Polargraph Drawbot
  4. Egg bots
  5. Friday Night Drawbot

Paul the Robot

Figure 1 Paul the Robot [1]

Paul is composed of left handed robotic arm, with black pen as end effecter and tilt webcam fitted to a table, all controlled by a common computer. Paul goes through in order to complete a drawing can be summarized as follows:

  1. Localize the sitter by moving the camera until the face is detected and focus the camera onto the sitters face.
  2. Take a picture, limit it to a region, convert togray level image and apply contrast curve .
  3. Draw salient lines
  4. Perform the shading
  5. Execute the signing script This communication presented Paul the robot as a drawer of face portraits .Although the individual algorithms of Paul are simple .And the way in which they are combined is of interest as drawing Paul are considered by professionals. [2]  

Art Bots

fig.2 art bot[3]

Robots competing in art bots were very diverse in function and build. An interesting inclusion was a round, whiskered robot which responds through sensors. Robots in art bots aren’t always the art itself. Art Bots are dedicated to creation, presentation and celebration of robotic art and art making robots. In 2002, Art Bots was featured at the Pratt institute and even in 2003,2005,2006,2007 and even in 2011 the event of Art bots were took place. The Art Bot uses a small electric motor to move. In order to power the motor, the machine needs a battery. When the motor vibrates, it starts its functioning i.e, drawing. [4]

Polar Graph Bot

Figure 3 Polargraph Bot [5]

A Polargraph machine is a simple device that draws picture using a normal pen, some motors and string as well . Actually it is double – triangulation coordinate system .The angle of each cord is controlled by the length of both cords, rather than specifying angle and distance as in with the true polar coordinate .It does use polar graphs .like once the radius is fixed and then using servo motors it use shades along different angles.(0 to 90) . Polargraph, the machine, is a simple device that draws, drawings using a simple pen. It is only just good enough to get the job done and in keeping with technical terms.[6]  

Egg Bot

Figure 4 Egg Bot [7]

The egg bot is a compact, easy to use open –source art robot that can draw spherical or egg shaped objects. It is designed to draw on all kinds of things that are normally impossible to print. Not just eggs but golf balls, light bulbs and even stuffs like wine glasses (with a bit of work). And there is even a software called “The egg bot software” which allows you to control an excellent free illustration program – on Mac, Windows and even Linux computers as well. There are even egg kits, start at $ 195. The kits are recommended for ages 13 and up. [8]  

Friday Night Draw Bot

Figure 5 Friday Night Bot [9]

The first attempts at drawing were just circles. This draw bot is an ongoing project in hardware as well as software. Basically this is a super simple Arduino based robot that uses two continous servos .The ongoing effort is in the programming of the movement to make it create or more interesting patterns.[10] .  

Components required for the project:

• Microcontroller

• Motor driver

• 3D printed parts

• Brackets

• Power supply

• Beaded cord

• Stepper motors

• Plywood

Cost estimation:


Parts Price in INR
Microcontroller 400
Motor driver 600
3D printed parts 1000
Brackets 150
Power supply 120
Beaded cord 150
Stepper motors 500
Plywood 1000

Totally it can cost around INR 3,920

As it is still the initial phase of design, of course, nothing is designed yet. We cannot exactly figure out, mention, and quantify the components, instruments and mechanisms. Whatsoever we mention is nothing more than rough estimations and predictions. But we are sure that we will need microcontroller, servomotors, power source and many more.  


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