Geth Dapp loading proposal

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To have a simple way to load and start Dapps vinay and I came up with a great idea:

  1. Dapp packages can be downloaded as .zip/.rlp/.dapp

    • they will contain a dapp.json with author info and a dapp name and version.
    • and a swarm.json, with all the file paths and hashes, see here)
  2. run $ geth install, which will verify, extract and copy the dapp locally somewhere.
    Note This could also get a name reg domain and looks up the hash an content online, fetches it and installs it.

  3. run $ geth start mydapp will start a node, with the correct options (rpc, corsdomain etc) and start a local server which points with its root into the dapps folder and resolves path and files through the swarm.json

  4. goto http://localhost:5555 to see you dapp running (needs to be thought of, as dapps would share localstorage, maybe use a different and reusable port per dapp)


  • run $ geth update, which will extract, and overwrites the old dapp files

Bundle dapp

  • run $ geth bundle myDappFolder/dist/, which will create a dapp bundle from a folder, to share with others.

  • run $ geth deploy myDappFolder/dist/ could save it to pastebin and register it in namereg.

Submit your Dapp

To get early traffic to your Dapp, you can submit your Dapp to Dapp Insight. This is a most popular Dapp analytics tool which listing all the running Dapps in the world.