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Full-time Roles

Ethereum has a number of full-time employee roles open. For the Berlin team (concentrating mostly around the C++-based implementation and development tools) you'll be based in Kreuzberg, Berlin in our central office/hub/café location, for the Amsterdam team (concentrating mostly around the Go-based implementation and the consumer software) you'll work remotely for now. Roles include security, optimisation, networking and helping make reality our advanced integrated blockchain development environment. We are presently particularly interested in expanding our team for the latter; if you have good knowledge of the Qt5 platform including QtQuick & QML, then please get in touch with

For more information on full time positions, see TODO: Aeron.

Hub-Invitation Scheme

If you have been working on an Ethereum/ÐΞV-related project, we would love to hear from you. In addition to helping wherever we can with fixes and advice, for promising non-profit, open-source projects where considerable effort has clearly been invested we would like to invite you to collaborate more closely at one of our holons/hubs. At present there are two operational hubs:

  • ÐΞV Berlin in Kreuzberg (Berlin), Germany;
  • ÐΞV Amsterdam near Museum Plein, Netherlands;
  • Ethereum Suisse in Zug (near Zurich), Switzerland.

Such an invitation will include travel costs, a small stipend for food costs during the time and shared accommodation. You will have full access to the hub resources during your stay and be free to work and relax around other members of the local ÐΞV & Ethereum communities.

Projects that are especially interesting to us are:

  • alternative implementations of the protocol in esoteric languages;
  • legacy-system (web back-end, but perhaps other frameworks/environments, too) integrations;
  • education and adoption tools;
  • Ðapps & contracts that do something novel;
  • Ðapps & contracts that do something well.

If you believe you have such a project and would like to come visit us for a while, let us know at!

Sponsoring Scheme

Additionally, for interesting projects, we would like to extend financial support in the form of a small bursary. We consider all such projects, as with the Hub Invitation Scheme. Bursary amounts vary from the $1000s to the $10,000s, depending on the size, scope and outlook of the project.

If you believe you have such a project let us know at, with a proposal for where you would like to take the project and estimates of any expenses that might be involved in taking it forward.


Q. I want to make a client in language XYZ. I haven't started yet but was hoping you'd pay me a full developer's salary to do it. Can I have a job?

A. No. Our resources do not extend so far. We wish you luck with your endeavour and if you get far would certainly invite you to our collaborative environment in the above scheme.

Q. I have an idea for a contract/Ðapp/integration/... Could I get some money to fund its development?

A. Ethereum/ÐΞV is not an accelerator, incubator or investment operation. We only wish to lend a hand (financial and otherwise) to those already engrossed in their project. As such our assistance schemes are open only to those whose already have an established project that is Ethereum-centric.