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Wiki: Sharding Compendium

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Here is everything in the sharding category on

Specifications / proposed protocol architecture:


Interactive verification


Ideas that @maxc on is working on:

One of the thoughts I've had about Truebit is if the multiple rounds of interactive verification are really necessary. Would just one round suffice If you could just check-point the trace of the execution at multiple steps. I was also wondering if it would be possible to parallelise verification, if for instance, you used witnesses everytime you read in state to the evm and stored the whole machine state at each check-point rather than just the merkle root.
An alternative is to break up a transaction into multiple transactions after say a certain number of steps have been read.

Alternative protocol design and inspiration

Availability proofs

Off-chain schemes for faster finality and other benefits

Ethereum Sharding Research Compendium

Note that most of the topics in this compendium are concerned with phase 2 and later, or are outdated.

Improved storage

A sharding P2P network

Phase 2 or later



Incentivization to externalize internalities and prevent a tragedy of the commons

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