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Atlantis hardfork config files
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⚠ Warning these files are being audited, do not use in production systems yet ⚠

Fork Blocks

Kotti network

  • 716,617 0xaef49

Morden network

  • 4,729,274 (0x4829ba)

Astor network

  • unk

Kensington (Alantis etcgeth testnet)


  • 100

Mainnet - choose your own adventure

  • 8,772,000 - Atlantis Fork block

Parity update:

In order to run a chain different to the official public Ethereum(eth) one, Parity has to run with the --chain option or with a config file specifying chain = "path" under [parity]. There are a few named presets that can be selected from or a custom JSON spec file can be supplied.

Use the files in the folder of your choosing as your config file

Multi-geth update:

To update Multi-geth replace the files in your params folder with the ones from the folder of your choosing.

Manti Update:

Replace the config files which are located in src/universal/conf/blockchain.conf with the files from the folder of your choosing and run!

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